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"About us - Orlando Ltd."

The company Orlando Ltd. was founded in 1992 in Grude, Bosnia und Herzegovina with a vision to become the biggest supplier und business partner for veterinary medicine in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our current mission is to keep track with new achievements in the modern word of veterinary medicine and to introduce new products through our wholesale and retail net in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this way we aim to help those who work on improving animal health and livestock farming.

Our basic activity is wholesale and retail of veterinary drugs, veterinary equipment, diagnostic equipment, products for beekeeping, plant protection, poisons etc.

We started with veterinary drugs as consignee of the company Pliva from Zagreb with only two employees. Gradually, we expanded our activities on plant protection, and import of veterinary equipment from some European countries (Denmark, Germany, Austria usw.).

After that we introduced the complete program for beekeeping, plant protection, diagnostics, poisons etc., and in this way expanded our business activities on other countries.
Today we have nine employees: three doctors of veterinary medicine, one agronomics engineer and other staff members. We value and invest into continuous schooling and development of our employees on various seminars in our country as well as abroad. Additionally we organize our own seminars with a goal to introduce new products and new equipment but also new achievements in veterinary medicine to our staff and to our customers. For this purpose we invite experts in veterinary medicine from different countries where we have our partners.

We are located in the newly built building of ca. 600 m2, where we have our warehouse with excellent air conditioning and well organized warehouse system which enables us to always provide our customers with on-time deliveries.

We put all our effort into building a good business relationship with our customers and our main goal is a satisfied customer, which is evident from our growing reputation.

For more information about our products/services please contact us following instructions on our contact page.

Orlando Ltd.


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